Fysiokeskus OÜ 

Registrikood 12603376

a/a EE672200221059115301 (Swedbank)

Tegevusloa number L06488 (Riia 142, Tartu)

Tegevusloa number L06597 (Ujula 4, Tartu)

Fysiokeskus is located in Tartu, in the premises of the Institute of Sports Sciences and Physiotherapy of the University of Tartu, at Ujula 4 in the room 2053.

Fysiokeskus also accepts patients in the premises of the Ränilinna Family Medical Center, which is located on the 1st floor of the Novapolis building at Riia 142.

Parking in front of the Ujula 4 building is free for 2 hours!

Hanna Kalajas-Tilga
5836 1041
  teadustöötaja Henri Tilga
5381 8440