Physiotherapy and orthopedic massage in Tartu

Fysiokeskus provides science-based physiotherapy, which is based on the assessment results of individual physiotherapeutic problems. 

Fysiokeskus therapists are experienced practitioners and analytical researchers.

*We analyze the client's complaints due to postural disorders, bone/joint axis disorders in skeletal muscles, joints, nerve tissue and other soft tissues.

*We evaluate the balance between different muscles, joint movement groups, muscle strength and endurance.

*Together with the client, we analyze the ergonomically correct postures and working methods necessary for everyday life.

*We also provide physiotherapy services based on a family doctor's referral. The family doctor determines the number of treatment procedures, the therapist writes feedback to the doctor at the end.

A timely solution to the problem of the musculoskeletal system prevents orthopedic or neurological diseases caused by problems with the musculoskeletal system!

Fysiokeskus OÜ

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