Fysiokeskus OÜ price list of services

Name of services                                                                                             The price

E-consultation (60 min/30 min)                                                                  30 € / 20 €

Physiotherapy service (60 min)                                                                   40 € 

Physiotherapy from the students* (60 min)                                          30 €

Physiotherapy service at the client's home (first time)                     50 €**

Physiotherapy service at the client's home (repeated)                           45 €**

Orthopedic massage (60 min/30 min)                                                      40 € / 25 €

Orthopedic massage from the student* (60 min/30 min)                       30 € / 20 €

10x physiotherapy/massage (10x 60 min)                                                       350 €

Orthopedic massage for employees in the company (60 min/30 min)         45 € / 30 €

Physiotherapy-related trainings

*the service of a student, i.e. a bachelor's student, is cheaper. For master's and doctoral students, the standard price applies.

**when leaving Tartu, the cost of travel is added to the price of the physiotherapy service 0,3 €/km

Our services are also available in the  


Physiotherapy for an employee of the University of Tartu (1 hour)                                35 €

Physiotherapy service for students of the University of Tartu (1 hour)                               35 €

Physiotherapy service for pensioners and children up to 18 years old (1 hour)          35 €

We also provide physiotherapy services on the basis of a referral from a family doctor (when coming to the service, the client pays a visit fee of 5 euros, repeat visits are free if there is a referral)

In Fysiokeskus, a tax discount applies to health and sports expenses compensated by the employer. More detailed conditions can be found here: